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First time in Pakistan Speako brings the opportunity to learn English easily by latest equipments. You don’t need a dictionary to learn English. Speako provides everything to learn English.

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Our Vision



 We aim to become one of the leading & reliableEnglish Language Institute,  professional trainer, and credible language learning organization in Karachi. In compliance to this purpose, we imagine Speako to be a place where Teachers, students and people would come for Institution services. It is the place where people improve their linguistic skills, we give them courage and fluency in speaking quality English. We assist people in their personal and professional development by offering a range of training courses designed to improve their communication skills within their own culture and normal environment.

The vision of Speako is to be unique in performance, quality, and language standard of candidates among the other language centers in Karachi.

We aim to establish a network of English learning centers that will provide high quality English language learning facilities to the masses at an affordable rate. The people we aim to help the most are young learners, students, parents, business professionals, finance executives, lawyers and teachers. We hope to become the leading catalyst for a more educated and brighter Pakistan.

  • Our trainers provide real hands on training to valued students
  • We have certified instructors- even for our entry level courses
  • We have strict quality policy managed by state of art evaluation system
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