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First time in Pakistan Speako brings the opportunity to learn English easily by latest equipments. You don’t need a dictionary to learn English. Speako provides everything to learn English.

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      Let the cat out of the bag:                                                                   Apple of My Eye:                                 

     to tell people secret information,                                     Someone who is cherished above         
     often without intending to.                                              all others.


A Blessing In Disguise:                                                                    A Leopard Can't
                                                                                                 Change His Spots: 

Something good that isn't                                                     You cannot change who you are.           
recognized at first.




              Break A Leg:                                                                               Curiosity killed the cat:

         A superstitious way to say                                               Being Inquisitive can lead you
       'good luck' without saying                                                into a dangerous situation.
       'good luck', but rather the opposite.  


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