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First time in Pakistan Speako brings the opportunity to learn English easily by latest equipments. You don’t need a dictionary to learn English. Speako provides everything to learn English.

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Speako English Accent Training


Even though you knowthe vocabulary and the endless grammar rules, you still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly this struggle with language can make communicating with native English speakers a frustrating experience for both you and them.

You may have a good knowledge of the English language but does not guarantee a good accent.

But what does a good accent mean?

It means an accent that is easy on all ears across the globe, an accent that is understood by all in the international community, no matter who the listener is an American, British, Australian or a Canadian or people from any other country.This Accent is called neutral accent.

Improving your English Accent is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the most challenging characteristics such as troublesome vowel sounds , difference in stressed and un-stressed syllables and words, which make you sound like a native speaker.

Speako Accent Training is a highly specialized course offered to you by professional voice coaches. Our course offers accent reduction, practice in American phrases and conversation, and learning the rhythm of standard American spoken English. This course goes beyond merely teaching grammatical structures of the English language. Our focus is on how you sound when you speak and how effectively you communicate with others around the world. We agree that there is nothing wrong with speaking with an accent; however, we are aware that many people would like to improve their English speaking skills by reducing their accent. Our goal is to help you gain more confidence and effectiveness in your English speaking skills by reducing the influence of your mother  tongue.

    Course Objectives

  • Identify and replace pronunciation of sounds, words, and phrases that are influenced by native tongue and / or British dialect with the appropriate American pronunciation
  • Learn to speak with the flow and rhythm of American English and use appropriate stress patterns
  • Identify and replace some common grammatical errors that are influenced by the native tongue with the correct English forms
  • Learn the meaning of selected American figures of speech, slang, and idioms



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